Comfort Inn The International
37 Great Ocean Road
Apollo Bay, Victoria, 3233, Australia
+61 352376100

Wickens Provedore And Deli

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Robin and Kate Wickens have made the change from award winning restaurants in Melbourne to a new style of cafe for Apollo Bay.
Chef Robin chose the area in part because of access to high standard produce from the Otways. The cafe side of the business concentrates on freshly baked dishes. The pies are winning rave reviews, this one from Urbanspoon is typical - "Wickens has an amazing array of baked goods and the best pies in the world as far as I can tell. The chef is a master of every old fashioned baking trick and every modern culinary trend. Wickens also has lots of local foods, sensational breads and wicked cakes. I look forward to driving into Apollo Bay since they opened. Go Wickens!"
Having now sampled pies ('lamb, pea and mint' and 'moroccan spiced beef') I tend to agree with the reviewer. Amazing what happens when a skilled chef applies his passion to the humble pie!
Open for breakfast and lunch
pricing: $10-$25
Getting There: 500 metres from The International